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That's it.
And if you don't find your session helpful
- you claim it back.
Fair enough?

Most websites don't work worth a damn.
They may be pretty, they were probably expensive
- but they don't deliver money

Chris Wesley

You've invested money and/or effort, and now you have a website. It may be a very pretty website. But is it an effective website?
  • Does it earn its keep?
  • Has it paid off the guy who designed it for you?
  • Does it deliver money into your bank account on a regular basis?

If not, then this page is for you.

I can review your website, make notes, and have a one hour call with you to discuss my findings and what you can do about it. It will tell you what you need to do to make your precious website far more effective - so it starts earning you money.

As with all my coaching, if you think you didn't get value for money, you can use my money-back guarantee to claim a full refund.

There is literally no risk to you

Hi Chris,

Thanks for all your help and patience. You have been a great help indeed. We are getting the hang of it now and it should be up and running by the end of today. Can't be bad for amateurs.

Payment has been made by BACS into your account and will be with you whenever the banks get around to pushing the button.

Thanks again for all your help.


The #1 Essential Ingredient for Effective Websites

The very first and essential step in having an effective website is to bring visitors to it. If you have no visitors you have no business. It doesn't matter how pretty your website is, how much you paid for it, or how well it works when they get there - if no-one comes, you are simply and literally - not in business. You are irrelevant. You'll not make a penny online.


There are many ways you can bring people to your website. You can put your web address on your stationery, you can buy online ads, do link exchanges, and so on, but they all fade away when compared to the best strategy there is. This strategy can pull more customers than all the others put together, and it's free.

That strategy is to use the search engines.

Easier Said Than Done

Sounds easy enough, but unfortunately, it's far from easy. For any given business type, there are thousands of websites. If your website is not on the first page of search results - you may as well pack up and go home because no one will visit you.

So how do you make the search engines list you on the first page? In other words - how do you "improve your rankings"? Well, the rules vary between search engines and they change over time, and no-one except a few search engine employees knows exactly what the rules are.

In fact, it's something of a black art and no-one can confidently tell you they can put your website on the first page. That includes me.

Hi Chris,

What a report! It all makes sense to me. I am not very technically minded I am afraid so what I have created is, as you say, very basic and it is all new to me.

I take all your points and they do make a lot of sense.

I will call you to pay by credit card.

Thanks very much for your detailed report.


Sensible First Steps

But what I can do if you're new to this, is to give you an easy, quick, safe leg up. I can look at your website code for you and tell you exactly what you need to do, to make it rank much better in the search engines.

  • In our session, I'll meet you at whatever technical level you're at and speak your langauge.
  • My comments and insights will be specifically for your website
  • I will tell you a host of easy things you need to do, to push your site up those results pages
  • I can't guarantee front page billing, but these techniques will yield a dramatic improvement - and that can only be good.


All £ight Steps to £ffective Websites

Getting visitors is the absolutely essential beginning - BUT IT DOESN'T END THERE. Before you earn £0.01 from your website, your visitors must move along this entire chain to the very end:

1. Arrive at your site
This is down to SEO, which is what I've already been talking about. My report will give you a quick and easy leg up from where you are now, to put you on page one of the search results and get you clicked on.

2. Look around

They say you have between 7 and 12 seconds to persuade your treasured visitor to stay a while. If they get bored, they click BACK - and you lost another one. My report will assess your site's stickiness, and suggest how you can fix it.

3. Accept that you understand their problem
You need to speak your customers' language and there's a crucial twist to getting this right which almost everyone gets wrong. My report will tell you what it is and apply it directly and specifically to your website. I'll tell you what you should write.

4. Know you can solve it
Your visitors need to believe in you. My report will tell you what to remove, change and add to make you credible in your visitors' eyes.

5. Be happy to give you money
Building trust is essential online. Yet so many hopeful business owners throw away their clients' trust without even knowing they've done it. I'll tell you what's wrong and what's missing.

6. Be able to give you money
You love your website - because it's yours. But does it work well for your average visitor? Or will they get confused, fed up, and leave? I'll tell you how to streamline and improve the route between your visitor's wallet and your bank account.

7. Not get bored, distracted nor worried
Chances are your website leaks like a sieve. Your would-be customers are probably abandoning you for the most surprising of reasons. I'll show you those black holes and tell you how close them up.

8. Complete the purchase
HERE is where you make your money. HERE is where you smile. THIS is where success happens and you start to enjoy your business life! I can help you get here.

Your phone session will be my friendly, personal analysis of your web site. You can stop me to explain what you don't understand. You can probe my reasoning and challenge or invite further analysiuse on how to proceed in a given area. You will make a list of specific things that you can do today - which will make your web site more effective tomorrow.

My service is quite new, but here are some more direct customer quotes. Please note that some clients opted for the written report option, which I no longer offer (it takes too long to type!).

I just wanted to say your website is what one should look like well done.

Brian B.

Thanks for your report; it did take the stuffing out of me when I read it. On saying that I am glade that I did as it’s good to have a critical eye look at your work and make constructive comments. I will be acting on your points ...

Brian V.

I did ask you to give it to me on the chin! There is a lot of what you said that I can relate to ...

I think you have earned your money and I can pay you by credit card ... I also have a colleague who is not a coach, but he might be interested in your service.

Nigel G.

The info is great and well worth the money. Please email details for payment...

Many thanks for your help it is really useful especially for someone who has no knowledge in this area!!

Sue M.

Have only had a quick look but am happy to pay for it. Please advise on where to send payment.


... Report has really helped. Got email problem sorted already! Also made me very aware of other people's sites. Many thanks.


Thank you very much for your report. There's a lot to digest, but some of it was stuff I was already thinking of I'm glad to say. I would like to be able to use it and may also need to take you up on certain things you've mentioned. So please advise me how to pay.

Thanks again


Chris !

Thank you very much for your Website Report - and the speed with which it was delivered ! It will certainly give me food for thought !

It's going to take me a bit of time to work through all your helpful suggestions Chris - but I will get there in the end.

It's quite an eye-opener to realise that my logo & template come across in such a garbled format on your own computer Chris !

Larry M

Hi Chris,

What a report! It all makes sense to me. I am not very technically minded I am afraid so what I have created is, as you say, very basic and it is all new to me.

I take all your points and they do make a lot of sense.

I will call you to pay by credit card.

Thanks very much for your detailed report.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for all your help and patience. You have been a great help indeed. We are getting the hang of it now and it should be up and running by the end of today. Can't be bad for amateurs.

Payment has been made by BACS into your account and will be with you whenever the banks get around to pushing the button.

Thanks again for all your help.


Here's Why You Can Trust Me Completely

So - who am I and why should you buy an hour of my web effectiness expertise?

Well, I am an honours graduate of Computer Science, and an ex-lecturer in Web site design at Bedford College (UK), so I have a good academic grounding to draw on.

But the major asset I can bring to your service is that I am the architect and owner of my Successful Coaching Website. This website delivers the business, and is the result of two years of time-consuming and expensive learning.

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley

In the time I've been working on my coaching website, I've attended numerous courses and used a variety of specialised and expensive tools; I've subscribed to just about every newsletter available on making websites work, and I've tried out what they propose and found out what works for me and what doesn't. You can spend 18 months and a lot of money doing all that for yourself - or you can step over all that and buy the expertise from me for just £50!

I have also gained a lot of experience beyond the scope of your report, and I am available to help you one-on-one in a variety of ways. So if you want to get into Ad Words, or Google Analytics, I can help. If you need auto-responders, interactive reports and much more - I can help.

In terms of personal integrity, you should know that I graduated with distinction from the The Coaching Academy and I am a practicing life coach. I am also one of only seven member's of the academy's national executive committee, looking after the ethics of coaching in the UK.

I am also a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) sitting on the Bedford bench.

Bottom line? You can be very confident that I will look after you exceptionally well.

What Now?

If your website is not really effective at the moment, then so far it's been a waste of your time and your money, and it may also be a constant source of demoralisation for you.

But we can change all that for you today.

  • Do you want your website to get you business?
  • Do you want the phone to start ringing with interested clients?
  • Do you want your morning email IN box to contain enquiries from prospective clients?
  • Do you want to make money?

My website report - designed specifically for your own website - will give you a massive jump-start.

Your Commitment to Me

Depressingly, but perhaps not surprisingly - I've been exploited because of my generous no-risk-to-you approach. This checklist is my attempt to minimize that in future:

1. One lady didn't want to pay for the report because she said it didn't tell her how to implement the changes. Astonishing. The report is very specific about exactly what to do. It will say "So I recommend that you make title tags that look like this..." for example.

Clearly, you must be able to make updates to your website in order to implement the recommendations in the report! So if you don't know how update your website, and you do not have anyone to do it for you, then please don't use my service.

2. I had one lady keep me waiting three months and she never did tell me if she wanted to buy the report or not. So now I ask that you be prepared to review the report and get back to me with your decision on it within 7 days of receiving it. If you cannot decide about my report within 7 days, please do not use my service.

3. I've had one person decide not to pay for their report because they said they were "planning to do all that stuff anyway". (that stuff being a huge list!) . Yeah right. So - if you have a backlog of things you are planning to do, please get them done before you commission me to write your website report. If your online website is not up-to-date, please do not use my service.

If you cannot agree to all of these commitments, then please do not use my service. If you agree to use my service, you will be deemed to have agreed to meet these commitments.

Of course, you still have control. If you decide the report is not worth the money - you simply don't pay for it. But if you use any of the reasons above to decline payment, I'm going to be seriously fed up!

Remember - you will get to see your report in its entirety before you pay a penny, and if you don't think it's worth the asking price, you simply don't pay it. I trust you - you don't need to trust me (but you really can!). All you have to do is give me your website URL and tell me to go to it.

It's just not possible for you to lose.

You are welcome to call me up for an informal chat any time. Get a feel for me and ask me about the report and other services I offer. Or you can go straight to booking. Either way, you'll need my contact details, and they're on the next page. I put them there, so I can track this page's effectiveness - something I'll be telling you how you can do in your own website report!

Email me here
to request your
special website insights session

I can take your card details by phone when you decide you're happy to pay


I wish you well
with your business
and your website
and I hope we will
work together soon.


Chris Wesley